My Research of Beaumont

Beaumont, Texas is along the Texas Gulf Coast.  It is located 28 miles (0.5hr) from the Louisiana border and 86 miles (1hr15min) from Houston, Texas.  The town is a blend of cultures: true Texas cowboy culture with a spice of Cajun flair. beaumont

Beaumont dates back as far back as the earliest Texas days.  The first settlers arrived in the early 1800s.  The town then evolved to a lumber and rice milling industrial town at the end of the 19th century. At the turn of the 19th century, wealth blessed the town due to discovery of oil. Three oil companies were created: Texaco, Gulf Oil, and Exxon (recognize them?) The town is filled with history and the town seems to have down a great job preserving it from the list of museums I can’t wait to visit.IM000124.JPG

For those not so interested in staying indoors visiting museums and like to enjoy the outdoors it seems the Big Thicket Natural Preserve is close by.  Winter is great for bird watching (it’s when all the birds migrate south).big-thicket

Making my list of things to do in Beaumont is also the South Texas State Fair.  Something tells me this will blow the Brooklyn Fair out of this world.  Everything is bigger in Texas right? (I wonder how big their funnel cakes are?)


I can’t wait!   Countdown less than one month away!




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