Anna Maria, Florida

Recently I went to Florida for vacation.  It was my first time to the west coast of Florida.  I asked my Aunt and Uncle who have spent a lot of time in Florida what they recommended to see or do.  One of my Aunt Ellen’s recommendations was to visit the town Anna Maria.  She said I would love it because it has a nice downtown area (she knows me so well!)

So on my most beautiful, most sunny vacation day I set out to explore Anna Maria. I got there late afternoon which wasn’t the best time since it was during the week in off-season so most of the shops were closing.   I did stubble on a few good finds still.


My best finds were the beach ornaments to decorate my tree.  The prices in all the shops were reasonable. Actually very reasonable that I would have bought a lot more to decorate my not-so beach house, but didn’t have enough room in my suitcase.


When you get to the end of the main street, there is a very large pier.  It is a large fishing pier where many locals were out catching fish.  The pier has multiple benches to sit on and watch the sunset and rise.  At the very end of the pier there is a restaurant and bar.


I  highly recommend the pier restaurant. The prices were so good for the quality of food and the location! Eating in the middle of TAMPA BAY, you can’t beat it. I got stuffed flounder with rice and my boyfriend had fish and chips which was on the early bird special list that goes till 6pm.  Drinks were reasonable as well and I got a glass of house wine also on the early bird special (sorry I don’t remember prices exactly, but so worth it!, I promise!)



The night ended with a walk back down the pier to watch the sunset.  Oh the romance!



Well readers, I hope one day you can visit the beautiful beach town of Anna Maria someday in Manatee County, FL.




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