Compression stockings

At first I dreaded the word.  It was a skill I didn’t possess as a nurse: putting them on patients swiftly. I was taught the plastic bag trick, yet still I hated them.  Secondly, I also hated it for the patient.  They looked so uncomfortable.

One day at work, a coworker’s pants were hiked a little too high so I could ultimately see where their ankle would be.  Instead I saw these crazy pattern socks. I said “Sue* what are you wearing?”  She rolled up her pants even higher.  The socks went all the way to her knees. She said, “They are compression socks.  You need to wear them if you’re a nurse.”  I bursted out laughing. Why would she need compression stockings? Why would a nurse need them?

Naturally I researched:

  1. Compression stockings help with swelling (This is one of the main reasons we place them on patients).  Nurses will also have mild SWELLING due to being on their feet for 12+ hours.  True, my ankles do look a little puffer after a long day and I do try to elevate them on a nearby chair at work cause it’s more comfortable. Maybe I will consider them.
  2. Another side effect for standing to long. Spider veins. After a shift or a hundred, you probably will not see this side effect. However, spider veins occur after long periods of standing; it allows the blood to start pooling.  More blood to one area, your veins must accommodate so they dilate, causing SPIDER VEINS. Oh, I’d rather not get those.
  3. Compression stockings improve circulation.  After standing by the OR table for 5 hours or running back in the medication room twenty times for a diauildid run, my legs start to go numb.  But if I had compression stockings on would that have helped? The answer YES. AND YES I NEED A PAIR NOW.

So after about a half hour to an hour of research I am now a proud owner of compression stockings.



Please check out (where I buy most of mine) for your first pair as well or to add a crazy pattern to your collection. Also a great, inexpensive gift for a nurse for Christmas or a birthday.




3 thoughts on “Compression stockings

  1. whatisnormalfor says:

    Haha this is amazing, I would have never thought about wearing these or them being beneficial to me as a nurse EVER but I think I will be trying it out myself! but I must say I hate putting them on patients too so not looking forward to that part X

    Liked by 1 person

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