About 2.5 years ago I finally made my way into Canada. I had been living in NH already for a year and as a kid I visited family that lived literally right on the Canadian border, however not one toe set foot into the foreign land to the north.

The appeal:it’s “international”. It was one more foreign country off my bucket list.  But the was a direct purpose for this trip which I will get to later.

10956277_10207594928615414_342358845626531539_nSo looking ultra sketchy while driving my Dad’s truck and having a different address on my license and registration got us a ticket to be searched.   They were fairly nice about it.  We sat inside while 2 people looked the truck over.  It probably took 15 minutes, but it just added to the journey.

Then we were on our way.  We weren’t sure exactly where we were going.  Our end destination was ultimately near Ottawa. We weren’t sure if we want to stop in Montreal. We decided to drive state to Ottawa and picked  a cheap hotel, but not too cheap. We don’t want to take home bed bugs or worse.

Driving was easy sailing, but the signs and driving to stop and get gas and having to talk to someone.  Awh! I’m so shy and so impressed I couldn’t speak French, but I did it and came out of my shell.

So that was our day #1 driving through the Canadian country side.  Now to the purpose of our trip brought us to day #2.  My college roommate and friend accompanied me and let me tell you we are nuts. Just putting that out there. We drove all the way north to BUNGEE JUMP!

11949546_10207599786856867_3837755210685022493_n Great Canadian Bungee is Canada’s Highest Jump. You bungee off what is called “The Rock”, 200ft above a quarry.

Check out their YouTube video at Great Canadian Bungee.  I was pure panicking when I watched this video and was like what have I gotten into.  I had been skydiving (rational that’s higher, more dangerous I guess) NOPE, I was still scared.

When you sign in you have to wait your turn so naturally you watch other people jump. That’s not so bad. You can watch them rebound (160ft and fall again!)

Then when it’s your turn you must hike up the quarry.  Tough when you are out of shape.  So I was already out of breathe when I got there. Then you immediately walk on the platform. They ask if you want to hit the water or not. Then put you in order.

Guess who got picked to go first?! Yup, me.  So you are already in your harness (you have the option to feet or near your back) Who goes bungee jumping and doesn’t go by their feet?! Honestly if you’re gonna do it go big.

The nice surprise the Canadian men at top. Holy goodness! That’s enough of that.

Anyways they strap you up and countdown.  You can say finally words if you want haha and you are supposed to jump the first count. Many don’t but props to me.  The experience isn’t what you expect. I want you all to try so I won’t ruin it for you. But check it out. It is the experience of a lifetime!






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