Sea Rim State Park

After driving what seemed to miles and miles into nowhere and through oil plants this is what I came to:

15972379_10211805420635083_6460304155015167419_oSea Rim State Park is located on the Gulf of Mexico in Port Arthur, Texas.  It is home to an abundance of wildlife such as otters, fish, crabs, an array of birds (especially in winter), and alligators. It has a beach to swim at and short trails to walk.


This is the path that takes you to the sandy beach where you can find dozens of Gulf shells.  There was only two other people on the beach when I went.  The path winds a short way. The warning signs state never to swim alone and to about alligator etiquette.

My favorite part of the beach: THE SHELLS. Here you can find tons of baby conch shells I call them in great shape.  The water was luke warm and the temperature was mid 70s with a  bit of overcast.



Down a ways is the marsh trails. This particular trail was 3/4 mile with tons of birds including beautiful cranes to watch. There are benches to sit and basic in this beautiful Texas life.





Now I saved for the best for last:







Got to see this wild beauty!





Well that was by short afternoon trip and I will defiantly be back to gather more shells and bask in the sun!




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