Sea Rim State Park

After driving what seemed to miles and miles into nowhere and through oil plants this is what I came to:

15972379_10211805420635083_6460304155015167419_oSea Rim State Park is located on the Gulf of Mexico in Port Arthur, Texas.  It is home to an abundance of wildlife such as otters, fish, crabs, an array of birds (especially in winter), and alligators. It has a beach to swim at and short trails to walk.


This is the path that takes you to the sandy beach where you can find dozens of Gulf shells.  There was only two other people on the beach when I went.  The path winds a short way. The warning signs state never to swim alone and to about alligator etiquette.

My favorite part of the beach: THE SHELLS. Here you can find tons of baby conch shells I call them in great shape.  The water was luke warm and the temperature was mid 70s with a  bit of overcast.



Down a ways is the marsh trails. This particular trail was 3/4 mile with tons of birds including beautiful cranes to watch. There are benches to sit and basic in this beautiful Texas life.





Now I saved for the best for last:







Got to see this wild beauty!





Well that was by short afternoon trip and I will defiantly be back to gather more shells and bask in the sun!





About 2.5 years ago I finally made my way into Canada. I had been living in NH already for a year and as a kid I visited family that lived literally right on the Canadian border, however not one toe set foot into the foreign land to the north.

The appeal:it’s “international”. It was one more foreign country off my bucket list.  But the was a direct purpose for this trip which I will get to later.

10956277_10207594928615414_342358845626531539_nSo looking ultra sketchy while driving my Dad’s truck and having a different address on my license and registration got us a ticket to be searched.   They were fairly nice about it.  We sat inside while 2 people looked the truck over.  It probably took 15 minutes, but it just added to the journey.

Then we were on our way.  We weren’t sure exactly where we were going.  Our end destination was ultimately near Ottawa. We weren’t sure if we want to stop in Montreal. We decided to drive state to Ottawa and picked  a cheap hotel, but not too cheap. We don’t want to take home bed bugs or worse.

Driving was easy sailing, but the signs and driving to stop and get gas and having to talk to someone.  Awh! I’m so shy and so impressed I couldn’t speak French, but I did it and came out of my shell.

So that was our day #1 driving through the Canadian country side.  Now to the purpose of our trip brought us to day #2.  My college roommate and friend accompanied me and let me tell you we are nuts. Just putting that out there. We drove all the way north to BUNGEE JUMP!

11949546_10207599786856867_3837755210685022493_n Great Canadian Bungee is Canada’s Highest Jump. You bungee off what is called “The Rock”, 200ft above a quarry.

Check out their YouTube video at Great Canadian Bungee.  I was pure panicking when I watched this video and was like what have I gotten into.  I had been skydiving (rational that’s higher, more dangerous I guess) NOPE, I was still scared.

When you sign in you have to wait your turn so naturally you watch other people jump. That’s not so bad. You can watch them rebound (160ft and fall again!)

Then when it’s your turn you must hike up the quarry.  Tough when you are out of shape.  So I was already out of breathe when I got there. Then you immediately walk on the platform. They ask if you want to hit the water or not. Then put you in order.

Guess who got picked to go first?! Yup, me.  So you are already in your harness (you have the option to feet or near your back) Who goes bungee jumping and doesn’t go by their feet?! Honestly if you’re gonna do it go big.

The nice surprise the Canadian men at top. Holy goodness! That’s enough of that.

Anyways they strap you up and countdown.  You can say finally words if you want haha and you are supposed to jump the first count. Many don’t but props to me.  The experience isn’t what you expect. I want you all to try so I won’t ruin it for you. But check it out. It is the experience of a lifetime!





Anna Maria, Florida

Recently I went to Florida for vacation.  It was my first time to the west coast of Florida.  I asked my Aunt and Uncle who have spent a lot of time in Florida what they recommended to see or do.  One of my Aunt Ellen’s recommendations was to visit the town Anna Maria.  She said I would love it because it has a nice downtown area (she knows me so well!)

So on my most beautiful, most sunny vacation day I set out to explore Anna Maria. I got there late afternoon which wasn’t the best time since it was during the week in off-season so most of the shops were closing.   I did stubble on a few good finds still.


My best finds were the beach ornaments to decorate my tree.  The prices in all the shops were reasonable. Actually very reasonable that I would have bought a lot more to decorate my not-so beach house, but didn’t have enough room in my suitcase.


When you get to the end of the main street, there is a very large pier.  It is a large fishing pier where many locals were out catching fish.  The pier has multiple benches to sit on and watch the sunset and rise.  At the very end of the pier there is a restaurant and bar.


I  highly recommend the pier restaurant. The prices were so good for the quality of food and the location! Eating in the middle of TAMPA BAY, you can’t beat it. I got stuffed flounder with rice and my boyfriend had fish and chips which was on the early bird special list that goes till 6pm.  Drinks were reasonable as well and I got a glass of house wine also on the early bird special (sorry I don’t remember prices exactly, but so worth it!, I promise!)



The night ended with a walk back down the pier to watch the sunset.  Oh the romance!



Well readers, I hope one day you can visit the beautiful beach town of Anna Maria someday in Manatee County, FL.



My Research of Beaumont

Beaumont, Texas is along the Texas Gulf Coast.  It is located 28 miles (0.5hr) from the Louisiana border and 86 miles (1hr15min) from Houston, Texas.  The town is a blend of cultures: true Texas cowboy culture with a spice of Cajun flair. beaumont

Beaumont dates back as far back as the earliest Texas days.  The first settlers arrived in the early 1800s.  The town then evolved to a lumber and rice milling industrial town at the end of the 19th century. At the turn of the 19th century, wealth blessed the town due to discovery of oil. Three oil companies were created: Texaco, Gulf Oil, and Exxon (recognize them?) The town is filled with history and the town seems to have down a great job preserving it from the list of museums I can’t wait to visit.IM000124.JPG

For those not so interested in staying indoors visiting museums and like to enjoy the outdoors it seems the Big Thicket Natural Preserve is close by.  Winter is great for bird watching (it’s when all the birds migrate south).big-thicket

Making my list of things to do in Beaumont is also the South Texas State Fair.  Something tells me this will blow the Brooklyn Fair out of this world.  Everything is bigger in Texas right? (I wonder how big their funnel cakes are?)


I can’t wait!   Countdown less than one month away!




This past summer I chose a new career path. It is one of the very reasons I love being a nurse; you can change paths at any moment.  You can decide to work in geriatrics with the elderly, pediatrics with children,  the operating room, or the emergency room.  You could also choose not to even work directly with patients. There are options to work in informatics or even as a legal consultant.

For my first career path, I chose the path of being a medical-surgical nurse.  Now I do read on the internet places that medical-surgical is not a specialty, but let me clarify this, it is.  I can support this by stating they have a specific certification just for medical surgical nurses (one that I am working on actively).

I don’t want to get into too much detail on nursing (click on my Nurse tab for more nurse specific part of the blog), I want to get back to my main point of my new career path as a TRAVELING NURSE.


Traveling nurses have options galore. I mean from what company will you work for to where you work.  It has been causing quite a dilemma for me since there are so many options.

My latest dilemma was finding a new travel location for my second location.  My plan was Hawaii where I could live with my best friend and live in paradise (who won’t chose that), however those plans burned quickly it seems.

So it was back to the drawing board.  Obviously pay is a big factor. California is very high pay however it takes many, many months to get your license and I haven’t started the process yet (that’s next). The next high pay area at the moment is New England (who wants to travel here? We get snow!) Since I live here and took my first assignment here, I need to expand my wings.

So after applying to more than 10+ areas it came down to Bremerton, Washington, an hour outside of Seattle by ferry (Grey’s memories anyone) and Beaumont, Texas. Any guesses what I chose?

TEXAS! Texas has beautiful weather right now and Beaumont is only about 30 minutes from the Gulf Coast.

Want to know more about Beaumont.Keep checking in for my next post.