This past summer I chose a new career path. It is one of the very reasons I love being a nurse; you can change paths at any moment.  You can decide to work in geriatrics with the elderly, pediatrics with children,  the operating room, or the emergency room.  You could also choose not to even work directly with patients. There are options to work in informatics or even as a legal consultant.

For my first career path, I chose the path of being a medical-surgical nurse.  Now I do read on the internet places that medical-surgical is not a specialty, but let me clarify this, it is.  I can support this by stating they have a specific certification just for medical surgical nurses (one that I am working on actively).

I don’t want to get into too much detail on nursing (click on my Nurse tab for more nurse specific part of the blog), I want to get back to my main point of my new career path as a TRAVELING NURSE.

Traveling nurses have options galore. I mean from what company will you work for to where you work.  It has been causing quite a dilemma for me since there are so many options.

My latest dilemma was finding a new travel location for my second location.  My plan was Hawaii where I could live with my best friend and live in paradise (who won’t chose that), however those plans burned quickly it seems.

So it was back to the drawing board.  Obviously pay is a big factor. California is very high pay however it takes many, many months to get your license and I haven’t started the process yet (that’s next). The next high pay area at the moment is New England (who wants to travel here? We get snow!) Since I live here and took my first assignment here, I need to expand my wings.

So after applying to more than 10+ areas it came down to Bremerton, Washington, an hour outside of Seattle by ferry (Grey’s memories anyone) and Beaumont, Texas. Any guesses what I chose?

TEXAS! Texas has beautiful weather right now and Beaumont is only about 30 minutes from the Gulf Coast.

Want to know more about Beaumont.Keep checking in for my next post.